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What Needs to be "Dead-Headed" in your Life?

Pastor’s Ponderings for May 2023

The saying many can think of today is “April showers bring May flowers.” As I look around my back yard, which is my outside sanctuary, I have many pots and other areas planted with flowers. They make smile as I look at them. Yet, there is a responsibility that I have to maintain these flowers through watering and yes “dead-heading” the blooms that are finished so that others may grow.

As I reflect on nature’s lessons from the flowers it makes me think about my spiritual life. It is so vital that daily I am “watered by the Word of the Lord.” It is God’s Word that brings direction, comfort, and refreshment to my soul. But it also helps me to be corrected when there are things in my life and attitudes that need to be “dead-headed” and removed from my heart and mind. It is these areas in my life that the Spirit of God works diligently (and yours) so that all that we say and do can be to the glory of God!

Another aspect of the flowers is the sweetness that they bring to the bees and hummingbirds. The nectar feeds them and helps them to pollinate others. Shouldn’t that also be true of our lives? How important it is that the sweetness of Jesus would be seen in us and others can receive it and pass it on to others as they let it permeate their own hearts? Think on these things!

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