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It's Raining Leaves

It is so very interesting this time of year when the trees begin to shed their leaves and prepare for the long winter. As I look out into my yard, it is a carpet of color! You see, my lawn tractor has been in the shop for a couple weeks and so I have not been able to get the work done outside that is necessary this time of year.

I sit this morning and contemplate this and how does this relate to my own walk with the Lord during this changing of seasons?

It has been a long and hard year with two major losses in my life--my mentor, Linda, of 48 years--and my precious sister Nancy. Both were rocks in my life and each day I miss them. Yet, there is such a deep assurance in my heart because they both had deep walks with Jesus.

It would be very easy during this time for my heart to be "broken down." Yet, I have to ask, how much do we hold on to the hope that comes through Christ when the seasons of our lives change? I read something very interesting a while back that it is during the winter months that the trees strengthen themselves. The sap that sustained the leaves now goes down into the roots of the trees and they are nourished and strengthened. Can that happen to us also during the "winter" times of our lives? I think so.

As the chilly air now arrives my prayer is that my "sap" will go deep into my spiritual roots and cause me to become stronger in my walk with Jesus during this time. (Psalm 1) Though it seems my grief sticks its head up quite often these days, my heart is warmed by the loving comfort of the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus called "Comforter."

One of my favorite hymns is Love Has Come. Verse 3 says this, "Love has come, He never will leave us! Love is life everlasting and free. Love is Jesus within and among us; love is the peace our hearts are seeking. Love! Love! Love is the gift of Christmas; love! love! Praise to You God on High.

During this Advent season may we grow deeper and be strengthened by His grace!

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