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Day Two-21 Days of Praise and Prayer

November 15: PRAISE: Thank the Lord for the precious gift of today! (Psalm 118:14; 1 Thessalonians 5:18)

PRAYER: Pray for someone you know who is struggling with grief, pain, illness etc.

We all know people who are hurting due to one situation or another--or perhaps you are the one who is hurting today. The good news of today is that God is close to those who hurt, to those who are broken hearted, to those who are struggling with the issues of life that have brought them down and caused great anxiety and uneasiness in their hearts and lives. In the midst of distress the Lord calls all to lean into Him even more.

Who do you know today that needs your prayers? Your encouragement? The reminder of your love and care for them? Perhaps you could take a moment today to write a caring note, email, or even a phone call to let them know they are being thought of today.

Being the love of Jesus is ACTION! It is reaching out to others with His love. May the Lord direct you this day on who to pray for and care for today.

Pastor Peggy

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