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Day 15 Of Praise and Prayer

November 28: PRAISE: Give thanks for the working of the Holy Spirit in your life. ((John 14:16, 15;26) PRAYER: Ask the Holy Spirit to make His voice clear in your life as He comforts and guides you and makes the presence of the Lord precious.

This morning I think of the song, "Come Holy Spirit". It is like a prayer, "come Holy Spirit, I need Thee, come sweet Spirit I pray..." Yes, Jesus said that the Spirit of God would come after His death and resurrection. It is the Spirit of God that comforts, encourages, and direct our steps. The Spirit of God is present at all times to assist us as the Children of God. We can rely on Him to make the words of Jesus precious to us and helps us to appropriate the Word of the Lord into our daily lives.

Come Holy Spirit during this Advent season and help us to not only hear Your voice, but to respond.

Pastor Peggy

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