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Come Holy Spirit

Yesterday we celebrated the beautiful Pentecost Sunday. A reminder to all of us of the fulfillment of Jesus saying He would send the Spirit to enable a powerful witness of His love to all!

The beginning of the church was powerful in the book of Acts and the strength of the church continues today. Yesterday I preached on three dimensions of Pentecost and the church.

Dimension 1 is that the Church is universal--ALL are welcome for whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Nobody is excluded but all are invited to participate in God's kingdom of love and grace.

Dimension 2 is the local church. For many, the local church is a place of fellowship and the place to hear God's Word taught and preached so that they might grow in their faith. For others, sadly, they had been hurt by the church or by someone in the church and do not feel it is a place for them. But it is the very thing that God called into being on the day of Pentecost and as the church we would do well to love all and to bring healing to those who feel disenfranchised from the church. Is everyone perfect who attend a church--no! But we all are to understand that we needed a Savior and that places all of us on level ground with one another.

Dimension 3 is the individual. Each of us, born again by the Spirit of God, have a personal responsibility to be filled with the Spirit to to grown in our faith. It is as individuals that we complete the church--it is individuals who support the church with talent, time, and tithe. It is the individual flowing together with other believers that helps the Gospel to go out in Mission. It is also the individual that loves and cares for others just as Jesus loves and cares for them.

Together we are the church--redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Together we grow. Together we praise. Together we can make a difference in the community where we live. Together let us be the love of Jesus to all we encounter!

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