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Bless the Children

November 30: PRAISE: Give the Lord thanks for the children in our church! (Luke 18:15-17) PRAYER: Pray for Klaire, Kit, Kat, Sydney and Sadie that they would grow up to know the Lord in a special way and that God will do a sweet work in their lives.

Today we give God thanks for the precious children in our church. We pray for them that they would have a dynamic personal relationship with Jesus and serve Him throughout their lives. I would also add Tom and Alan's granddaughter, Ruth, who when visiting, is lighting the Christ candle and learning to serve the Lord in her young age! But also today, those of you who have children and grandchildren and even great grands, let us pray for them all that they would know Jesus.

Jesus came to love the children and to love us! As a church we have a responsibility to be examples to the children under our care to pray for them and encourage them as we can.

We also have the opportunity during Share Your Christmas to bless some of the children in our community with gifts etc for Christmas. If you have not picked up a name off the tree in the foyer for our Mission this season, please do so.

Lord, bless our children!

Pastor Peggy

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