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Warming our Hearts Together

Winter has arrived and our hearts have been warmed at Trinity Presbyterian Church as we come together to worship and enjoy fellowship with one another. How about you? Are you having your heart warmed by the presence of the Lord and the encouragement of others of like faith? It is so easy to dismiss the need for the Lord when life goes on day after day. Sometimes the things of life can overwhelm us and other times it is just routine and often mundane. Yet, it does not matter the circumstances of life—we all need the Lord and one another.

Perhaps you have set a “new years resolution” that you will begin to attend church somewhere. Perhaps you are finding your heart needing something more, something that satisfies a longing that you cannot define. It may just be that you need a fresh relationship with the Lord who loves you beyond measure and new friendships that can lift you up!

Come join us, worship with us, and find a place of belonging. We gather together on Sunday mornings beginning with coffee fellowship at 10:00 and worship at 10:30. All are welcome!

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