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This coming Sunday is the Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. This movement brought to the forefront of the church the importance of grace and redemption through Christ alone.

The Reformation brought the distinct theology that lifted up the way of salvation through Christ alone. It is important for us to understand that salvation comes in no other way, but through Jesus Christ. This wonderful gift of salvation is given to us by the grace of God that He lavishes on us through Christ. This salvation is revealed to us through the Bible, which is the standard of faith and conduct in the life of the Christian. our lives, as we receive it, are to give all the glory and praise to God.

When we receive Christ, we become RE-FORMED. In other words, we are made new from the inside out. The things that hinder us in our lives are forgiven and we are able then to move forward to the new things that God would have for us.

Do you feel like you need a new start, a fresh and clean heart? At Trinity Presbyterian Church, we would like to help you find this fresh life in Christ and to help you grow in your faith. Join us this Sunday at 10:30, as we celebrate Christ alive in our lives!

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