• Pastor Peggy

Days 4-5 of 21 Days of Praise and Prayer

November 17: PRAISE: Give God thanks for His perfect timing in all things. (Romans 8:28; Colossians 3:12) PRAYER: Waiting isn’t always easy but ask the Lord for patience as you wait on His answers.

November 18: PRAISE: Give God thanks for His faithfulness and grace in all things!

(Psalm 36:5, Lamentations 2:22-23) PRAYER: Think of someone who needs to be reminded of God’s faithfulness and pray for them.

Both of these days go together like a hand in glove. As we patiently wait for the answers of our prayers we need to be reminded of God's continual faithfulness to each and every one of us. God's timing is crucial and it is sometimes hard for us to grasp when we live in an instant satisfaction, drive through world. But God knows all (review Psalm 139) and understands that there is absolutely nothing in your life that God is not aware of.

He is faithful and will continue to work in our lives as we wait on Him, trust Him, worship Him, and lean into Him each and every day!

God is faithful!!!

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