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We will soon be at the start of what is called Holy Week. It is a week when we are very aware of the events that led to the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is a precious time for us to continue to draw nearer to Jesus and to lean into Him and the hope that He brings to each of our lives.

Hope--something we all not only hold on to in our lives but believe that the love of Christ brings us such divine care and compassion that we can trust Him in every aspect of our lives.

I guess my question would be: what do you need from the Lord this week? love? understanding? compassion? forgiveness? grace? friendship? Jesus is with you and cares about you! His death and resurrection assure us that we need not fear what is ahead but only need to trust Him to work in our lives.

Palm Sunday I will be preaching from Matthew 21 and Psalm 16--Holy Week--The Hope it Brings to each of us!

If you do not have a home church, I invite you to join us!

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